Federation Commander League

Up Through the Ranks

The Acheron is a tough nut to crack... more than twice our guns, more than twice our numbers, and they will sell their lives dearly. - “Lucky” Jack Aubrey

Each player takes the role of ship’s master and works his way from from frigate to battleship as he advances in ranks. Everyone starts as a Lt. Commander in command of a Frigate and the first one to reach Fleet Admiral wins the league

League Rules

Each player starts off with the rank of Lt. Commander and in command of a frigate from his chosen empire. Fleet Command assigns missions based on the capabilities of the ship. Successful missions and experience gain the player advancements in rank and posting to larger and larger ships.

Players are assigned missions (scenarios) by the Fleet Command (the league organizer). Player’s receive league points based on the outcome of the scenarios. League points are awarded according to the schedule to the right.

If a player loses his ship, either destroyed or captured, he gets a replacement based on his current league point total.

Advancement is based on league points and is presented in the schedule below.

League Advancement Schedule

Points Rank Ship
0 - 2 Lt. Commander Frigate
3 - 6 Post Captain Destroyer
7 - 10 Captain Light Cruiser
11 - 14 Commodore War Cruiser
15 - 19 Rear Admiral Heavy Cruiser
20 - 24 Vice Admiral Command Cruier
25 - 29 Admiral Dreadnought
30+ Fleet Admiral Battleship

League Points Schedule

  • 3 points are awarded for winning a scenario.
  • 2 point are awarded for a tie.
  • 1 point is awarded for losing a scenario.
  • 1 point is awarded per enemy combat ship destroyed.
  • 2 points are awarded per enemy combat ship captured.
  • 1 point is deducted if your ship is captured or destroyed.


Missions are chosen from the existing Federation Commander scenarios and may be modified to suit the situation or ships.

At lower ranks, the players will run single combat ships, as a player advances in rank, he will start commanding task forces, flotillas, and eventually fleets.

Some scenarios will pit the player’s masters against each others. Other scenarios will require one player to take the role of the opposition against another players master. For example, a player would run the Planet Killer against another player’s master.